Dissecting The Blurb Part 3: Short Stories, Self-Help And Literary Fiction

Tara, this was phenomenal!! I just happen to be self-publishing an anthology of my 25 years worth of slice of life and short fiction. I’m saving this to look back on and if it doesn’t work I may have to force feed you the mime artist’s turnips! 🙂

Tara Sparling writes

So far, in the Great Dismantlement Of Blurbage, we’ve looked at Thrillers,Chick-Lit/Romance, Crime, Historical Fiction, and Science Fiction/Fantasy. Now, in the third and final instalment, we look at some genres which lounge a little more on the fringes, smoking. Throwing their ISBNs up to heaven. Sneering disdainfully at the blockbusters.

Oh – and Self-Help.

You just know I’m going to have my fun here… don’t you?

6. Short Stories:

There are two types of short story blurbs. One is for authors you haven’t heard of. The other is for authors who are so revered that the idea of even bothering with a blurb makes angels sigh. Let’s look at them both.


Dissecting The Blurb Part 3: Short Stories, Self-Help and Literary Fiction

Ok, so many of you have never heard of Kevin Barry. But in my opinion he was responsible for the second coming of the Irish short story, and spawned a whole new…

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