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Archer's Aim

rave-reviews-badgeI love a good book, especially in my chosen genre of Fantasy/Sci-Fi. If I read a book and love I often share my reaction to it with a review. I’ve discovered several good books from little-known authors over the last few years and I love to support them. Why? Well that review is very important to the author.

But there’s something else I like to do: share it further. Authors need reviews from their readers AND they extended support on social media. Sometimes I will post my review from Goodreads on my blog for added exposure. But I’ll also share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other places. Recently, I’ve started adding these books to appropriate lists on Goodreads so these authors gain even more exposure.

However, there’s also another way to gain even more support: join an author/review organization. My choice is Rave Reviews Book Club where…

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