Incredible Miracle of a Girl  made Terrorist’s Conversion



Sofi* (name is not real for security reasons) is the daughter of Pastor Paul, a former Muslim, presently doing Lord’s ministries.

When Sofi was 12 years old, one day she  came back home from the school with severe vomiting. Her brothers also were vomiting. They all were admitted in the hospital. Doctors said it was the cause of some food adulteration.

Later family found out that when they were coming back home from the school, a middle-aged woman supplied them chocolates.

Children used to travel to the school by a public transport bus.  The bus was thick with travellers and other students. The  woman was sitting on a seat. As soon as she saw Sofi and her brothers she smiled at them, called them by name and made arrangement for her to sit by her side. Boys also stood by her.

On the way she inquired about their parents as…

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