A Chicken And People Connection. And Why Do They Cross The Road?

Now here’s an analogy that makes sense, at least to a chicken!

Self-Help Road To Freedom & Living Well

Recently I came across an essay I wrote several years ago about the mystery surrounding whychickens cross the road. And as I read the article, it reminded me of people. In our lives we crossroads everyday…some small, some life changing. Crossing roads for us is the act of leaving situations we’re in now and moving on to different ones. And might that be what chickens do too?

I’d like to share some excerpts from my essay with some historical information, descriptions of chicken’s behavior, and my own perceptions of why they cross roads, plus parallels with our own actions.

“According to a Britishwebsite entitled Poultry Pages, there are more than 75 different breeds of chickens. And the University of Illinois states that chickens have been around since 7000 BC, probably originating in the far east. Chickens evidently took a long time to get to…

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