In Praise of Procrastination

Nicholas C. Rossis

Procrastination is the bane of many an author’s existence. So, what if I told you that it may not be such a bad thing after all?

The Passive Guy recently alerted me to a post by Quartz, which mentions the work of psychologist Maria Konnikova. In her own words:

The most effective way to tackle a new creative assignment is to put it off for a while. You’re actually doing the smartest and most productive thing in the world if you waste time.

Come again?

In a 2016 TED talk, Wharton Business School organizational psychologist and self-described “pre-crastinator” Adam Grant argued that moderate procrastination was a necessary habit for original thinkers. “Our first ideas, after all, are usually our most conventional,” he says.

Grant described a study by former student Jihae Shin, which shows that people who played a video game before working came up with more original business ideas…

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