Siân’s Monday Mooch

Siân Glírdan

I found out this week that I’ve spelt my forename wrong! Luckily everything could be changed so that the pesky little circumflex accent got moved from the ‘i’ to the ‘a’…><  Jan said we should have stuck to the Irish  spelling and not bothered with fancy uspide-down vees, but Jano nearly had a fit so, of course, yours truly ended up googling the Welsh name sites – such fun! *yawns*.

Anyway two bits of really good news are that we’ve got the proofreading notes settled in, so the rest of the week Jan will be re-jigging the typesetting and getting the eBook version done! 😎 The other thing is even better, although we’ve had to do a lot of lifting and sorting of books, furniture and knick-knacks for the last three days – because tomorrow work starts on on our new garden room/study! 😀  This will include a proper shelving system for the rickety…

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