Suspense and Love Hidden behind secrets

Love’s Child
By Lizzie Chantree

This book is an intricate romantic suspense story filled with twists and turns that pop up unexpectedly. The characters are well-developed, such as Jemima Trent who wants a baby for all the wrong reasons and will go to any length to achieve her goal. The author deftly draws both sympathy and disgust for this character, as well as her husband, Lucas, who appears to be the aggrieved husband.

Author Chantree introduces the highly likable David Love and his pregnant girlfriend, Lily, who are running a warehouse of reformed,
delinquent teenagers. Together, they give the young people love, support and a foothold toward a normal life. But there’s a secret they keep that Dr. Cole, an ambitious scientist and gynecologist, working for a malignant boss, will unravel at any cost.

This is a good read with an unexpected ending. There’s a lot of narrative in the beginning which slows the story.Showing rather than telling
would further enhance this story and improve the pacing. That said, this is a recommended, enjoyable book.

Micki Peluso


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