Telly’s Saturday Night Fever

I think perchance a few have had way too much Foo!!

Siân Glírdan

Yeah, OK – so I missed the deadline yesterday, but things were gettin’ rather tense ’round here as we’re nearly ready to do the official launch of A Freebooter’s Fantasy Almanac, which is happenin’ next Saturday as Siân goes off on her first blog tour!
Anyhoo… I got muscled into helpin’ out with some of the blog posts until late yesterday, which is why I didn’t get here in time. Today’s been kind of hectic too, so in the circs I’m goofing off a little and using something that didn’t make it into the blog posts, but has some pretty good things in it! 😉

So here, for your delectation is a little skit me an’ Jano did for a karaoke party for our friend Miah in Minas Tirith one time, when Jano was doin’ an impersonation of Janus Droplin and I was Telvis Parsley… enjoy!

“Go on big guy – I dare you!”


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