The Zany Adventures of Oliver & Jumpy

Oliver & Jumpy
By Werner Stejskal
Illustrations by Maycee Ann Reyes, Yon Rita’l. and Mario Tereso
Here’s another story in the Oliver & Jumpy collection sure to delight both young children and the adults reading to them.This entire series should be in libraries and especially school libraries.
Story 37: Rescue in the Picture
Oliver, our sophisticated cat, is up for travel anywhere, but decides to paint the places he’d like to visit. He paints Jumpy, his kangaroo friend and her little Joey into a picture of a lovely beach with him. As always, when Oliver’s around things get out of hand. Read how Oliver and his friends save a girl captured by island natives.
Story 38: Wet Cat
Oliver and his pals take a boat to one of the islands to listen to a Rock band for Joey’s birthday. As you know, Oliver doesn’t do well in boats or water. Can you guess what happened? I bet you can’t.
Story 39: Down River
Oliver decides to return to his old haunt, Ghost Castle. What a busy, curious cat! And he takes a rowboat ride to get there. Doesn’t this crazy cat ever learn about cats and water? This is one scary tale even for our brave feline.
As usual, children’s author, Werner Stejskal  has outdone himself creating 3 new stories guaranteed to thrill and educate children. These are recommended as an outstanding welcome edition the  Oliver & Jumpy series of books.
Micki Peluso

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