Bonus Fantasy Freebooting Tour post: so long and thanks for all the rum…

Really funny wacky story.

Jan Hawke INKorporated

The roleplay’s the thing…

Back to the Karaoke Chaos Party in downtown Minas Tirith for a little masterclass in setting up your (undercover-cop) characters ‘foo-fun’ personas as impersonators of the late, great and famous bard stars…

Lesson 1 – How To Make An Entrance!


    “Whadya mean he’s… I mean I’m… dead?!”
    The seven-footer elf roared at the pub doormen, who had quite naturally assumed he was a Telvis Parsley impersonator, was causing more trouble at the cloakroom after first refusing to hand over his silk lamé iridescent oyster-coloured cape (with diamante detail on the high collar naturally). The bigger of the two doormen eyed the tall personage warily as he had a very loud and carrying voice and he had already been slapped off rather rudely when he had tried to take the cape away… The way this great fella was windmilling his arms about…

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