Our “SPOTLIGHT” this week is on MICKI PELUSO, author of “…AND THE WHIPPOORWILL SANG” which you can snag a copy of at

To find out even more about MICKI, the amazing support-filled package she’s receiving this week, and to support her on her 7-day blog tour, please visit the “SPOTLIGHT” Author’s page on this site.

Don’t forget to join MICKI as she takes her chances up “ON THE SHELF” with Nonnie Jules on Thursday, 7/14/16 as well as sitting down for a LIVE interview on the RAVE WAVES show, “BRING ON THE SPOTLIGHT.”

So much fun for MICKI as she sits under “the” most fabulous “SPOTLIGHT” ever!

Let’s show @MickiPeluso grand support while she sits in this fabulous “hot” seat here at RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB, so that when you’re sitting here, the same will be done for you!!!

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