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Today I’m delighted to bring you the final post of the week for Yvette Calleiro. Yvette’s been having a wonderful time on her Rave Reviews Book Club SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR tour, promoting the first book, The One Discovered in her YA fantasy series, The Chronicles of the Diadsodz

TheOneDiscovered - Cover Design 10-1

Why are Diasodz special?

by Yvette Calleiro

In my series, Chronicles of the Diasodz, I created a new being that lives among us and serves to heal and protect humans.  If you haven’t read my books, you may be wondering, what makes them so special?  Here are some fun little facts for you:

Diasodz can have two mothers.  Diasodz women in the Altorus class need to be able to fight at any given time.  If a battle were to arise and a Diasodz was pregnant, her embryo could be transferred to that of a Curatus woman to be carried safely to term.  This allowed the…

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