. . ..And the Whippoorwill Sang

For those who have not yet read this book, it’s available on@Amazon.com for 99 cents from August 24th through August 31st as a kindle reader. Don’t miss out on this great award winning book. One reviewer likens the author to Harper lee. This book has the humor of ‘Cheaper By the Dozen’ with the heart of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’ This true family story will impact you on many levels—a book you will not easily forget.

Micki Peluso, author of . . . AND THE WHIPPORWILL SANG, penned a story, part memoir, part Americana for one purpose. She made a promise to her stricken child….

“It was a day like any other, except that the intense heat wave had broken and signs of early fall were in the air. The dining room table was filled with my kids and three of their friends—greedily gulping down a chicken dinner. When the last morsel was eaten, they all took off in different directions, except for the youngest, who was ten years old. 

          The one whose turn it was to do the dishes impishly offered me the sum of one dollar, to cover the chore. I laughed and caved in to that deceptive smile.          The last one ran out the front door, calling out, “Bye Mom,” as the door slammed shut. And then the nightmare began . . . ”

Micki Peluso faced the horror every parent fears—awaiting the fate of one of their children. While sitting vigil in the ICU waiting room, Micki traversed the past, as a way of dealing with her immediate pain.

From the bizarre teenage elopement with her high school sweetheart in a double wedding with her own mother, to comical family trips across country in an antiquated camper with six kids and a dog, they leave a path of chaos and destruction in their wake. She’ll take you through happy times, the antics of raising six children while living in a haunted house as they grow up with their kids. You’ll be with her as she bravely attempts to be the man of the house while her husband is out of town. She hears strange noises, tiptoes down to the cellar, with her youngest child wrapped around her legs, shotgun in hand and nearly shoots . . . an Idaho potato. It had fallen from the pantry and thumped down the stairs. Just when their lives were nearly perfect, a driving drunk strikes–and the laughter dies.

She takes her readers on an eventful trip; starting with the bliss of young love and passion, into the depths of Hell; and brings them, along with her family, to the other side of sorrow. Brace yourselves. It’s a rough trip. Be prepared to laugh until your sides’ ache and cry until the words blur across the pages.

When the journey is over, the author will have shown her readers love, laughter and tears . . . and the strength to move on, swept by the currents of the tumultuous river called life.

And so it was in the throes of grief, a writing career was born.

Micki Peluso has been published in many magazines and newspapers beginning with the short story version of this book, which was published in Victimology: An International Journal. Most of her stories are remembered for her clever wit and slice of life humor–usually at her family’s expense.

Micki Peluso also published poems as well as a fiction horror spoof on killer houseplants published in the Princeton New Jersey Women’s Magazine.

Over the past 25 years she has been frequently published as a freelance writer for the New York City Staten Island Advance, a local daily newspaper, and written political commentary, news items, analysis, and interviews, as a staff writer for the bi-monthly Staten Island Register.

She continues to hone her skills by competing in various computer writing contests, winning many of them. She also publishes in e-zine magazines, including Skyline Magazine, both in on-line and print issues.

She has fulfilled her promise, long past, in the publication of a beautiful memoir—as her readers come to weep . . . to laugh . . . to grieve . . . to dance with her . . . AND THE WHIPPOORWILL SANG.




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