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New Children's Book on Amazon!
New Children’s Book on Amazon!

True story of a cat who wants his own little dog but is in for a big surprise Hi boys and girls, I’m Toby, a handsome cat if I say so myself. I do whatever I want but Grandma and Grandpa think they own me! My favorite thing is to take Grandma’s shiny jewelry and hide it. Grandpa is still looking for his favorite pen. I have one friend, Casey, a wild cat who lives outside but she tells me through the screen door about the outside world. I was a happy, cool cat until—well, read what I wrote about the day Grandma invited the ‘Monster’ to visit. Yikes!

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A Fantasy Tip from the Past: Poisons and the Bezoar

Beware of poisonous Cures

Nicholas C. Rossis

A Hard Man to Kill

Mithridates VI (d. 63 BC) was not an easy man to kill. And God knows enough people wanted him dead. According to Roman historian Justin,

During his boyhood his life was attempted by plots on the part of his guardians… When these attempts failed, they tried to cut him off by poison. He, however, being on his guard against such treachery, frequently took antidotes, and so fortified himself against their malice

Mithridates | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books Mithridates VI (Louvre). Image: Wikimedia Commons

Yes, being king of Pontus on the southern shore of the Black Sea was a dangerous job. And Mithridates concocted one of the most well-known antidotes in antiquity (possibly with the help of his court physician Crateuas). Experimenting with different formulations and trying them out on condemned prisoners, he compounded various antidotes to produce a single universal one, which he hoped would protect him against any poison. Pliny…

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5 Things Every #Author Should Know, #RRBC Book & Blog #BlockParty!

% Things Every Author Should Know by Nonnie Jules

4WillsPublishing Author Services

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Hi, and welcome to 4WillsPublishing Author Services where our strong wills keep you moving forward!  We offer top-notch service with our book trailers, blog tours, book covers and more!  So, do take a look around and if you want the best, then you want to become a 4WillsPub client!

I know that you have been visiting some really awesome blogs along this block party tour, with really interesting blog posts.  Some were short and sweet, others were lengthy and filled with details.  Mine, well, it will fall somewhere in the middle.

I thought I’d feed you a little Author Stew…a little of this, and a little of that, but all in the helpful tips department.  So, here goes…I’m going to ask you 5…

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Dare You Walk In Our World?

Jo Pilsworth (Hunter's Arrow)

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An Introduction to the World of the Negrescu Cŵn Annwn and the Anghelescu Hellhounds

Back in 2013, three friends from the world of Facebook role-play started work on an original story, born of the imagination of one with the character interactions developed with the help of others. Over time further contributors joined them. Some stayed and some left, but amongst it all, they realised that a story drawing in creatures from Welsh and Celtic legend, European paganism and Sumerian myth was going to be much longer than the single book they had thought might…

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RRBC Back to School Blog Party 2016

Amazing selection of books not to miss.

When Angels Fly


Hello everyone, and welcome to When Angels Fly! We are having such fun this month! That’s right! Come and join the party!!! The RRBC Back to School Book & Blog Block Party all through August!! Oh yes, the entire month!!! Links for the other party places are on the RRBC website 

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Number of winners for this stop: 14! That’s Right!!! FOURTEEN Prizes!!!!! To be in it to win it, be sure to leave…

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A Fantasy Tip from Russian History

Fascinating facts from medieval history

Nicholas C. Rossis

Six-year-old Onfim stifled a yawn. His teacher was droning on and on about Old Russian alphabet, but Onfim had had enough scrawling letters onto his birchbark notebook. His mind wandered to the really exciting things that Novgorod in 1220 AD had to offer: brave warriors, epic battles, and horses. Almost without thinking, his bone stylus scratched the bark.

Novgorod birch-bark note | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books Onfim the 6-year warrior standing over slain foe. Novgorod, 1220. Source:

Little did he know that some 800 years later, people would marvel at his rudimentary sketches, or that they would be sharing them in seconds across something called the Internet.

Birch-bark manuscripts

Birch-bark manuscripts represent one of the most enigmatic phenomena in Russian history. And yet, they used to be a common element of medieval Novgorod household. Dwellers of Novgorod constantly wrote and read letters, tore them up and threw them away. Its use didn’t fade away until the 19fth…

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