Meet the Author, Micki Peluso

Meet Author, Micki Peluso BIO:

Micki Peluso began writing after a personal tragedy. This lead to a first time publication in Victimology: An International   Magazine and a career in Journalism. She’s freelanced, and had been staff writer for one major newspaper, written for two more,   and has published short fiction and non-fiction, as well as slice of life stories in colleges, magazines and e-zine editions. boys and girls!

‘The Cat Who Wanted a Dog is a children’s coloring book based on a real cat who meets our visiting grand dog and becomes friends with him after a really bad beginning. Toby wanted to write this story all by himself but his claws kept getting stuck in the keyboard. So I told him that I’d help a little. This handsome cat is not your ordinary cat. He also insists that he’s a doctor. I will admit that when he lays across my aches and pains and purrs, I do feel better. He also does this to other animals and children and they all feel better too. The animal doctor says that the sound of cats’ purring hits a note that is healing to people, themselves and other animals. Isn’t that amazing?

Toby has lived with Grampa and me since he was a kitten. Normally he is a well-behaved cat, except when the Christmas tree is decorated. He waits until nighttime and takes all the soft ornaments off the branches. At least he leaves the glass balls alone! Then he curls up in the manger of straw and cuddles with the baby Jesus.

Don’t give me a dirty look, Toby. You know this is true.” Well, he’s off to sulk in a corner and wait for his friend, Casey, to stop by the screened in patio so he can complain to her about me. Sigh. We feed Casey and give her warm blankets and a litter box but even Toby can’t convince her to come into the house. Se likes her freedom. I know Toby is sad since our grand dog went back to his home after a long visit. He keeps trying to tell me something. Can any of you figure out what it is that Toby wants from me?

Other Works from Micki Include:

Micki’s first book was published in 2012; a funny family memoir of love, loss and survival, called, . . . And THE WHIPPOORWILL SANG which won the Nesta CBC Silver Award for writing that Builds Character, won third place in the Predators and Editors Contest, and first place for People’s Choice Monthly Award. She has stories in ‘Women’s Memoirs’, ‘Tales2inspire’, and ‘Creature Features.’ Two of her short horror stories were recently published in an International Award winning anthology called ‘Speed of Dark.’ She is presently working on a collection of short fiction, and slice of life stories in a book collection called, ‘Don’t Pluck the Duck’, due to be released in 2016.  for interview and much more!!!


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