A scratch, a scratch, upon my door
Something out there wants, implores
Old dog snoring, fat cat sleeps
Incessant racket—no relief
Alone with these ungodly sounds
I tremble as my fears unbound
Not cat, nor dog, can sense or hear
The scratches, scratching that I fear
It’s Halloween Eve, spirits seek entry
As hideous Ghouls stand as sentry
Ghosts, goblins and their kind
Spasms of dread pulsate my mind 
Scratches dig deeper, louder still
Drawing me to it against my will
Trembling, I reach for the lock
No! My mind reaches out to block
The subliminal urge to heed the call
Quaking, bracing back against the wall
I smell fetid odors of evil’s spoor
And scratching, scratching at my door
Lured seductively, I lift the latch
Confront a terror that knows no match
Succumbing to the horrific task
It’s two feet tall and wears a mask!
Night sky lit by blood-red moon
Face to face with an irate raccoon!
Its beady eyes reflect a glare
Unafraid, it stands tall and stares
I draw a breath, deep with relief
Twas just a critter gave me grief
Yet nights may come; how soon, how near?
When it returns to refuel my fear
And the hideous scratch upon my door
No longer animal—so much more
The coon dashes off across the lawn
Innocent creature, perhaps . . .
Mayhap, the devil’s spawn


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