Not Your Ordinary Fantasy

Martin Ash, author of the widely acclaimed ‘Enchantment’ fantasy series has once again outdone himself in the art of storytelling.
Moonblood is part old fashioned mystery, part horror/thriller, paranormal and fantasy. The main character, Dinbig, a merchant who is so much more than an merchant,  admits to being flawed in various ways, not prone to any great desire in helping others or even caring deeply for their problems. Yet he does the opposite and attempts to save the day. I love this character’s wry humor and the uniqueness of the author’s other eccentric players in this often frightening, yet  charming book.
This is a story that starts out slowly and hooks the reader before the end of the first chapter. Dinbig dabbles in magic and has studied under the teachers of a sect that can leave their bodies and time travel to other astral worlds, including the home of the dead. He is happy to possess this trick especially when being chased by an irate husband, and evils beyond belief brought to life by a long lost prophesy.  
In this often dark and brutal fantasy which is part Sherlock Holmes mystery, author Martin Ash’s extraordinary skills are at their best. This is not a book one can easily lay aside or forget. Readers enjoying this work which exhibits a panoply of genres as well as ongoing comedy and philosophy, will want to move on to the second book of the series, ‘The Chronicle’s of the Shaman.”
Micki Peluso

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