This Story Goes for the OLYMPIAN GOLD!

Snowman Paul at the Winter Olympics (Volume 2)
Written by Yossi Lapid
Illustrated by Joanna Pasek
It’s especially admirable the way that author Yossi Lapid thinks like a child when writing his charming children’s books–a high compliment for his genre.
Young Dan realizes that he has the smartest snowman in the world. Paul can even read grownup newspapers! And that talent gets him in a bit of trouble. Worse, Dan is shocked to hear that Paul plans on entering the Olympic Games and going for the Gold no less. Typical of little boys, Dan assumes Paul, a grownup snowman, is way too old to win even a Silver Award and might hurt himself trying. This makes Paul laugh. Him, fall on snow? Never, not at all!
So off they go on a bus and Paul proves Dan wrong. A snowman on snow and ice is a beauty to behold as Paul outshines all the rest and goes for the gold. Now you might guess that Paul did win, but something nags at Dan—-something not quite right. Wait until you read what was helping Paul and how he solves the problem the way a true champion might.
Once again author Yossi Lapid writes another story in the Paul the Snowman series which makes adults smile and young children laugh out loud. This story, like the others, teaches a life lesson and moral in the best way—through reading.
As usual, the illustrations are eye-catching and lovely and help to move the story forward. This book is a great choice for pre-schools, daycare centers, and kindergarten. It’s also perfect as a read-to for toddlers, by expanding their learning and word skills. This age group particularly enjoys stories that rhyme. On having read one story in this series, you’ll want to collect them all . . . and so will the kids.
This book was given to me as a gift with no obligation to review it.
Micki Peluso

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