Outstanding Paranormal Romantic Thriller

emailblastLegacy of Danger
By Patricia A. Guthrie
A sudden chill sweeps over Elena Dkany as she attends the funeral of her beloved Grandmother, Magda DKany. “I was murdered,” whispers through the surrounding trees. Slowly, vapor rises from the tomb and takes a vague shape right next to her. No one notices except the trembling favored grand daughter, Elena. 
“You must find your son.” The Spirit also warns Elena that her own life is in danger and tells her to travel to Romania to the castle of her ancestors which she now inherits.
And so begins a story richly woven into a tapestry of secrets, deceit and murders. Within days of the funeral Elena is attacked by a hit man. Her life is saved by another ghost, one who strongly resembles her late murdered husband, Janek Ivanov. So many strange deaths and murders. Someone wants Elena, the last of her line, to be dead as well.
The undercover FBI agent, Alex Brancusi, a man she once loved deeply ten years ago has come back for the funeral along with his partner, Tony Donatelli. Alex can hardly believe that Elena is now involved in a case at the very castle being investigated. It becomes imperative, in spite of his disbelief in ghosts, that Alex and Tony escort Elena to Romania–keeping most of their reasons a secret from her.  But not for long. Neither the killers or the ghosts will allow it.
As the three fly to Europe and make their way across the magnificent, yet treacherous Carpathean Mountains, attempts upon their lives follow them. They are being watched without ceasing. Who wants Elena dead and why? What really haunts Alex and Elena is the hazy images and dreams of a young boy appearing to be around nine or ten years old. What secrets is the beautiful old castle hiding from them?
Author Patricia A. Guthrie writes a brilliant romantic, paranormal thriller set in the land of vampire legends and lore. Her characters are well developed and likeable, including the antagonists; especially Gregory Balough, solicitor of Magda’s estate and caretaker of the castle. Descriptions of the picturesque yet deadly Romania makes the reader feel as if there, interacting with the characters who feel like old friends. This writer uses her unique writing skill to entice her readers into this remarkable book. It’s only flaw is that it has to come to an end–albeit it an unexpected, yet satisfying end.
Those enjoying Legacy of Danger as much as I did might want to check out this author’s other works, including, “In the Arms of the Enemy,” and “Water Lillies Over My Grave.”

Micki Peluso