Emotional Beats: Facial Expressions

A definite keeper!!

Nicholas C. Rossis

Back in September, I published Emotional Beats: How to Easily Convert your Writing into Palpable Feelings. As promised, I will be posting the book on my blog. So, here is the next installment, featuring Part 2 of the book: Body Parts. This post deals with facial expressions:

Facial Expressions

Emotional Beats | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books Read for free with KU

Besides the usual way of describing an expression—he had an X look on his face—there is another, more elegant one:

  • A relieved look washed over his face.
  • She turned to me, her face lighting up as she spoke.
  • A shadow came over his face.
  • His emotions flitted across his face.
  • Darkness crossed his face.
  • A pained look marred his face.
  • She had a mischievous look plastered on her face.
  • Her brittle smile belied the sentiment of her words.

Next week: Do You Hear What I Hear?View all posts on the subject, or buy…

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#FREE Limited Time: PURE TRASH by Bette A. Stevens

Bette A. Stevens, Maine Author


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Book summary


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THE best Indie Book Club on the Planet… or how I became MEMBER OF THE YEAR!

Jan Hawke INKorporated

It’s the award season of course! However, this isn’t going to be about plaudits for bands, vocalists, or actors of the big, small, and live screens and stages, for the movie and music industries. Just thought I’d put that out there so any celebrity-junkies who’re expecting something glitzy can jump blogs to their usual trysting places. This is about books, first and foremost. All sorts of books, not just fiction, but memoirs, self-help, erotica (well-written raunchy tales) and non-fiction of every stripe. So, in a way, this is about the INSPIRATION behind a lot of those other, much more famous award ceremonies that have been going out with a raucous fanfare since the New Year. Because a lot of those Golden Globes, MoBOs, Emmys, Brits, BAFTAS and uncle Oscars started out in life as part of a book!

This is about theclick HERE or image above to go to RRBC…

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Meet Suzanne Burke

great blog tour interview with Szanne Burke

Scribblings of a Southern Belle

Hello, bloggers!

I am pleased to introduce you to RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB’S “SPOTLIGHT”Author of February, Suzanne Burke! Suzanne is an awesomely supportive member of the club and I couldn’t be happier to show her support today. I hope you’ll join me in promoting her.

I am so delighted to be featured here on my journey as a very grateful Rave Reviews Book Club “SPOTLIGHT” AUTHOR Blog Tour Participant.

“Acts Beyond Redemption” Special Agent Mike Matheson is head of the FBI Task Force hunting down those responsible for eighteen extremely brutal murders. After five-long years of no leads, and a continuous stream of dead bodies, the ‘Countdown Murders’ task force are burned out, and readying themselves for a guilt ridden future.

None more so than Mike Matheson.

Mike Matheson is a ticking time bomb, of hopeless frustration, and rage

Meet him below.

The imaginary interview is being conducted by…

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A Green Room welcome to ~ C.S. Boyack

Hysterical post!!

Siân Glírdan

Siân: Today I’ve set up a challenging environment for the fantastical C.S. Boyack, aka Craig, author of the hoopiest, twistiest speculative micro and macro-fiction on the planet, in a far-flung orbit of creativity! You saw what I did there, huh?
Craig’s a pioneering type and waxed long and eccentric when I asked about his preferred, year-long, castaway requirements. So, as I’m currently working on something in the furthest flung of galaxies, I’ve cherry-picked a rather spiffy desert planetoid that isn’t infested with giant semi-sentient worms, for him to go play in the biiiig sandpit…

Craig: Wait, a year? I thought this was a trip to a recreation planet! I’m calling that travel agency. I like deserts, and grew up in one, but at my age maybe one with a hot spring and a bar or two. I mean, I’m sure it’s nice and all, but–

Siân: Yes, well… sounds like…

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Failure, Betrayal & Setbacks—Sometimes the Only Way Out is THROUGH

Good advice in this blog

Kristen Lamb's Blog


Setbacks. We all have them and, strangely, they like to cluster together and dog pile us at once. The trick to setbacks is to adjust our perspective of what happened and use them to to make us stronger, wiser and grittier.

You might not believe me, but instant success is not always good for us. There is something about the process of learning and doing and failing and starting again and again even when we want to give up that is healthy. In fact it is vital for any kind of long-term achievement.

I know because I’ve encountered my share of people who were promoted too soon, beyond the scope of their abilities and far past the strength of their character. And it ended badly every…single…time.

Growth is a Process


All human growth is a process. It has steps. We skip steps at our own peril. Everything we are doing…

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Pay it Forward to BETTE A. STEVENS