The #RRBC Springtime Book & Blog Block Party is here!

You don’t want to miss this, nope, you really don’t!!

Books By Nonnie

Block Party banner

Partying in Louisiana, in the USA today!

There will be one winner for today’s stop.

DAILY GIVEAWAY: $10 Amazon Gift Card


Today was not my scheduled day along this tour but we had a no-show, so I’m filling in…last minute, so you guys won’t feel let down.  And, even though it was a last-minute put-together, nevertheless, this will be a fun party!

First, I’d like for you to click HERE, just to get this party started!  Leave the volume up, so you can get a real feel of how we party in the USA!

Now, make your way over to the


(Ignore that distracted looking bartender…wait on the other guy)…

Order your favorite

dring on bar

…because we really do have EVERYTHING!

Look around, find the

Dance floor

(…yea, don’t get too close to that crowd).

Go on, start moving your body…and go ahead and wave at your old FRIENDS across the dance…

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