Thursday- A Little Personal – Lucy Returns

This is adorable!!

Fiction Favorites

“Hi, Boss.”

“Oh, Hi Lucy. How are you doing?”

“Just fine boss. You know Baily, and I were thinking.”

“Pretty dangerous stuff there, kiddo.”


“Okay, I was just kidding. What is on your mind?”

“You know when you are on the computer?”

“Like now?”


“What about it?”

“We have no one to play with.”

“How about the backyard?”


“I don’t know boss. What do you Think Bailey?”


“Why do you get me involved in your messes? The back yard is nice.”


“She would think it was nice. I was going for more.”

“I know you were, sweetheart. Why don’t you and Bailey go out for a while and I’ll join you later.”

Bailey and Lucy

“Okay. Don’t be long. Wait. Stella is in the way.”

“For heaven’s sake, you outweigh her by 50 pounds.”

“Yeah, but she carries those knives wherever she goes.”

“Be brave buckaroo.”


“A little bit on honing on these blades and…

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