Historical Biography of Love Against all Odds

Flowers and Stones

By Jan Sikes

Jan Sike’s debut historical romance is based on the true story of a turbulent year of her life in the early 70’s. The author’s talent in making a memoir read like a fiction novel is phenomenal. Author Sike’s has an innate talent as a storyteller, bringing the reader into her story and making one feel her emotions.

Nineteen year old Darlina Flowers leaves home to work in a factory in Texas by day and a go go dancer in a bar at night. This is where she meets the up and coming country western singer, Luke Stone, who is thirty-six. Her naivety and his cavalier worldly ways crackle like lightning in a fast moving summer storm. Luke comes with a lot of baggage; Darlina dreams of romance. Yet they are drawn to each other in a love that surpasses good sense and serious obstacles. Their love is made magical by their differences, like a modern day ‘Beauty and the Beast.’

While the story is action-packed and paces fast, it is also redundant at times, which could be avoided by using a bigger variety of adjectives and dialogue. Darlina and Luke live in a time of booze, pot, drugs and ménage a’ trios sex, which makes Luke seem jaded next to the more innocent and pristine Darlina. Love is the one constant throughout the book, withstanding all 

obstacles including jail time for Luke. In order to avoid spoilers, it is sufficient to note that this book is highly recommended and won’t disappoint. Those caught up in this amazing love story will want to read the next book in the series, ‘The Convict and the Rose,’ followed by ‘Home at last.’


Micki Peluso, author of . . . And the Whippoorwill Sang

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