Summer’s Song

Trees have bloomed, pollen blown away
Bushes, busy forming berries
Flowers come and go, colors bright
Summer–a time of warm delight

Mating birds trill their endless songs
As mockingbirds imitate them all
A thing of beauty, but oh so wrong
to steal the other bird’s nests

Summer’s a marker for life events
A first love blooms along the beach
The wail of a newborn baby’s breath
And a driving drunk’s vehicle of death

The whippoorwill loves summer’s bliss
Sings a lilting song of happiness
As the season draws to its close
Its guttural cry mourns summer’s loss

Even as I cry mine

7 thoughts on “Summer’s Song

  1. Beautiful, Micki. It brought tears to my eyes. Everyone needs to read your book “And the Whippoorwill Sang.”


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