All About Toby the Cat

Have you ever known a cat who wanted a dog?


 If not, you’ll want to read this aspiring little children’s book, ‘A Cat Who Wanted
a Dog’ 
and perhaps share it with the little ones in your life.


I’d love for you to really get to know Toby, the protagonist of this story,
through the pages of its text. In addition to the wonderfully scripted text, I
hope you’ll enjoy the coloring book illustrations revealing so much about Toby’s
character. My  favorite illustration is the one showing Rocky licking Toby’s coat. I hope
you’ll soon share which illustration is your absolute favorite, too.


Synopsis:Micki Peluso shares a true story of Toby, a cat she and her family loved for years.
Toby wanted his own little dog, and he was in for a big surprise. Go along with Toby now, as Peluso tells his story for what she perceives as her  cat’s point of view. It’s really a cute story.

boys and girls, I’m
Toby, a handsome cat if I say so myself. I do whatever I want, but Grandma and Grandpa thinks they own me! My favorite thing is to take Grandma’s shiny jewelry and hide
it. Grandpa is still looking for his favorite pen. I have one friend, Casey, a wild cat who lives outside, but she tells me through the screen door about the outside world. I was a happy, cool cat until—-well, read what I wrote about the day Grandma invited the ‘Monster’ to visit.


you think Casey will
ever convince Toby to join her outside, or is Toby far too
inside enjoying the joys of life his family joyously gave him all

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5.0 out of
5 stars 

By Bette

A. Stevens on August 31, 2016


Paperback Verified Purchase

reading Micki Peluso’s memoir and several of her short stories, I could hardly
wait for her first children’s book to arrive in my mail box. The day it arrived
I was not disappointed. Peluso’s unique sense of humor shines through in this
delightfully written and illustrated coloring book for kids. I highly
recommend it for children of all ages. Whether a read-aloud or read-along,
the whole family is sure to smile. And lessons on friendship will long be
remembered. My grandson loves The Cat Who Wanted a Dog and so does this
still-laughing-out-loud grandma. ~ Bette A. Stevens, Maine author of
award-winning picture book Butterfly and other inspirational books for children and adults.


5.0 out of
5 stars

That Sow: Strength, Character & Diversity, DBA

‘The Cat
Who Wanted a Dog’ is a really cute children’s book about a house cat who was
really comfortable with his life indoors even though Casey, a wild cat who lived
outside, tried to convince Toby he’s truly missing out on all the adventures in
the outside world. 
Toby ignored Casey because he was content with his wonderful life indoors with his family until one day his life changed forever when grandma’s daughter and her 

two kids came to visit, but they didn’t come alone. According to Toby’s eyes, they brought
along a ‘monster’ and he was a huge golden retriever, at that.

Later, Toby learned this ‘monster’ was called Rocky. As far as Toby was concerned,
Rocky was surely starving for attention, or was it friendship he wanted?
Whatever the reason, Toby wanted no parts of it! Rocky did all sorts of things
trying to get Toby’s affection and attention, but all Toby could see was huge
annoying ‘monster’, or so it seemed.

Soon, Toby began taking advantage of Rocky’s attention playing tricks on him. Toby’s
plans were to show Rocky who the real boss was in his home. After all, Rocky was
on Toby’s turf.

Rocky found himself all out of ideas gaining Toby’s friendship, but he decided to try
one last thing. Rocky dropped a dog treat at Toby’s feet. Imagine that! Can you
believe a dog giving up a treat?! Rocky must’ve wanted Toby’s friendship awfully
bad, huh?

Do you want to know what Toby did next? Well, I don’t want to be the one spoiling
the end of this story line, so you’ll want to purchase a copy of Peluso’s children’s book for
all the children in your life. I believe you’ll find children enjoying this book, but that’s not all. ‘The Cat Who Wanted a Dog’ is filled with coloring book illustrations the children are sure to adore and spend time coloring for hours.

I find this children’s book a two for one steal. Children can read the book, and then color the
illustrations which carefully help tell the wonderful story revealing Toby’s feelings, and emotions about wanting a dog.


S. Vasquez, Ph.D.,
author/writer of children’s books
Books That Sow:
Strength, Character
& Diversity, DBA
Link for ‘A Cat Who Wanted a



Peluso’s other book ‘…And the Whippoorwill




‘Don’t Pluck the

Duck’ (Release date, 2017)

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