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WATCH “RWISA” WRITE Showcase Tour ~ Marcha Fox (21)

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Jan Hawke INKorporated

Day 21 of the RWISA author blog tour! We round off week 3 of the Watch Rwisa Write blog tour with the delightful and hard-working author, Marcha Fox. Marcha’s another multi-genre flitter, but sci-fi/fantasy and the supernatural are strong favourites, as we see with this excerpt from her current work in progress…

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Your Wildest Dreams

by Marcha Fox

I inhaled sharply when I recognized the introductory riff wafting from my favorite 80s station as Your Wildest Dreams by the Moody Blues. Even though I had the original 45 RPM record, the album on cassette tape, and more recently, the CD, I kept them safely locked away so I wouldn’t binge on it. Nonetheless, when KPLV, 93.1 FM in Vegas, got around to playing it every few weeks or so, I’d…

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Red River Tales Radio Blog Giveaway

RRR Tales from the Pages Summer Giveaway Show with Judy Alter and Micki Peluso

  • Broadcast in Books
  • on August 24 at 4:00 pm Reminder
Red River Radio

Red River Radio

On Thursday, August 24, 2017, host Barbara Ehrentreu of Red River Radio Tales from the Pages will be doing her very first giveaway show! Joining here will be authors Judy Alter and Micki Peluso. Judy will be sharing her new book, The Color of Fear. It is part of the Kelly O’Connell Mysteries series. If you are a listener of this show you will remember Judy was a guest last year to discuss her book, The Gilded Cage. A new guest is Micki Peluso author of And the Whippoorwill Sang and her new book, The Cat Who Wanted a Dog, a picture book. Micki will be giving away two free books to the lucky listeners who have placed a comment under the link to the show page. If you do that by one hour before the show on August 24 you will be in the drawing for either her book, And the Whippoorwill Sang or The Cat Who Wanted a Dog. As always, listeners are encouraged to call into the show to either comment or ask questions. Anything can happen on this show and usually does!
Join the fun!! Learn some things not in my book, and post a comment to win either . . . And the Whippoorwill Sang or The Cat Who Wanted a Dog. I will be the second  writer interviewed so listen to Judy Alter and her great book, “The Color of Fear’ while I put my radio blog makeup on and chase away my fear of public speaking. Hope to see all my friends there.

Watch RWISA Write Blog Tour – Beem Weeks #RWISA #RRBC

Beautiful Story!!!

Fiction Favorites

Rave Reviews Book Club. One of the objectives of the club is to recognize outstanding talent in its membership. A literary group has been established within RRBC named Rave Writers – International Society of Authors (RWISA). This month the club is featuring these authors on a tour. I will be hosting them throughout the month and I hope you enjoy being introduced to some excellent writing.


Beem Weeks


“What’s that word say?”

“That’s an easy one, Daddy. Just sound it out.”

Levi Bacchus can’t read. 36 years old, and he’d never learned the meaning of a single sentence.

“I just ain’t cut out for this, Jamie Lynn.”

The girl’s countenance dropped in disagreement—just like her mother, that one.

“So, you’re a quitter now?” she bellowed, sounding too much like the woman who’d walked out of their lives two years earlier.

Levi took offense. “Mind your manners, Missy. I ain’t…

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Read this and understand

Shirley Harris-Slaughter

Meet RWISA Member Author, LAURIE FINKELSTEIN of the
WATCH “RWISA” WRITE Showcase Tour!

Bulletproof Vest

By Laurie Finkelstein

The bulk, padding, and steel plates weigh me down. The protection of a bulletproof vest is necessary. No matter the weather, I wear the cloak. The weight is a burden, but I trek on because wrapped is the only way to navigate my journey. The jacket protects my heart from being blown to crimson shards of death.

A direct hit is avoided for days and nights, lulling me into calm and complacency. “All will work out fine,” I tell myself. The truth tells a story I want to change. All my will and might does not make an impact to stop the bombardment.

Experience and time separates me from tragedy. At any moment, the bullets strike. Inside or out. My house cannot provide security, nor can a million people surrounding me. With…

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Writing, Ranting & Love At First Sight

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Lucy Brazier

I was very honoured to be the first guest on my chum Dan Alatorre‘s new show, Writer Rants, to talk about PorterGirl books First Lady Of The Keys and The Vanishing Lord. Here are some edited highlights; whilst almost two hours of Daniel talking about how great I am might be good for my ego, no one really wants to listen to that. But what you might want to listen to, however, are insights into how I built up the Old College world and developed the characters, the truth about what really happened at Cambridge University and how I fell in love at first sight at the Royal Opera House…

Portergirl BOOK 1 Purple NEW DRAFT MASTER SAME LETTERING                                                      received_10155599960728455UK Edition                 …

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