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Continuing with my thoughts on maintaining a positive focus regarding Hurricane Harvey, I am featuring three separate groups who have set up relief points in town. All the goods in these relief locations are donations from kind folks outside of Port Aransas. These contributions have made a difference in helping folks through a very tough time.

Community spirit

Our first stop is the Recovery Supply Depot at Robert’s Point Park

Here residents can find almost anything in cleaning supplies, hardware, and food. Bear in mind the local grocery store just opened this week with a very limited supply.

This shot will give you an idea of the magnitude of the donations. There are even wheelchairs available.

I loved this shot since it shows bikes, shovels and rakes.

When I took this picture a guy off camera asked,”Do you have any tarps?” The answer was, “Sure do. What size?”

Port Aransas spirit

The next relief point is Cowboy Camp…

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