My Shadow

The shadow hounded me Halloween day 
Glimpsed in farthest corners of my eyes 
Each time I turned, it slipped away 
Wherever Shadows run to hide 

It took not shape, nor any form, 
At least from what I briefly spied 
It seemed a darkly presence at my back 
I hurried home and ran inside 
Would its blackness fade with sunlight’s lack? 

No, it hovers just beyond my view 
In darkness shows its wicked might 
Taught me terrors I never knew 
I reached quickly for some light 

Each click, each lamp, 
brought no flare, no brightness 
To overcome  the dark 
Which made the Shadow aware 
That I could feel its evil mark 

Do I deserve this dreaded fate? 
My sins crossed o’er my mind and soul 
Must I now pay the devil’s toll? 
Or be redeemed too late? 
Only my Shadow knows . . .

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