Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives – When The Flaw Becomes The Beauty by J. Hope Suis

Brilliant essay on shattered pottery and shattered lives!

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Welcome to a new contributor to the series today. Author J. Hope Suis and in her first post she describes the beautiful Japanese process of repairing broken items of pottery with liquid gold or silver. They retain their original shape but now have added beauty because of being fractured.

When The Flaw Becomes The Beauty by J. Hope Suis

In today’s Western society we put a high value on new, pristine items. We have no shame in removing and replacing damaged or broken objects from our lives, whether they are tangible ornaments or shattered people. Value is assigned and increased if there are no visible signs of flaws. And we have it all wrong.

The Japanese hold a much greater appreciation for the overall beauty and history of an object and go to great lengths to preserve it.

More examples can be found

Kintsugi is the 500-year-old Japanese art…

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