Where can you submit your writing for free?

Great post for submissions!!

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How about 30 plus places to submit your writing?

And they pay you!

Some of my scariest and most rewarding experiences as a writer happened when I stepped out of the shadows and submitted a story. Nothing beats reading, “We would like to feature your submission.”

Scary, yes, because I felt as though I were sending a piece of my soul out into the big bad world to be judged. Rewarding because acceptance is what I dream of as a writer.

Thanks to Erica Verrillo for providing us with this great list of publications looking for good writers. This month you can submit your favorite piece and get paid.

November is just getting started, so pull out that story from your slush pile, polish it till it gleams like a newly minted penny and hit send.

There is still time!

34 Calls for Submissions in November 2017 — Paying markets


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Smorgasbord Post from Your Archives – Who Packs Your Parachute by Karen Ingalls.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Welcome to the series where you can share four of your links from your archives here on my blog to a new audience. Perhaps posts that you wrote at the beginning of your blogging experience that deserve another showcase. If you have book promotion posts then please contact me separately for other options. Details of how to get in touch with me at the end of the post.

Time for the next post from the archives of author Karen Ingalls. We all need someone who has our back, is by our side and who has our best interests at heart and can be relied on at any time.

Who Packs Your Parachute by Karen Ingalls.

I have never parachuted from a plane…nor do I want to. Sky jumping or diving is not on my bucket list. However, there is a deep message from the question,

“Who packs your parachute?”

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The Writers Desk

From Nov. 8th to Dec. 15 you can purchase the Kindle edition of my book “The Italian Thing” for $1.99. I know you will enjoy reading all about our adventures and misadventures during our stay. Go to,https://www.amazon.com/Italian-Thing-Patricia-…/…/B00EL0AGIG, thank you and enjoy!!!

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