KDP Print Now Provides Proof and Author Copies

New Information for self-publishers and small press

Diane Tibert

KDP Print ProofA welcomed message arrived in my inbox this evening. Amazon’s KDP Print will now provide self-published authors with the option of purchasing a proof of their book before it goes on sale for the public. The message also stated writers could purchase author copies.

In my post, dated April 17, 2017 (read Amazon’s New KDP Print Feature is Bad News for CreateSpace Users), one of the major drawbacks of KDP Print over CreateSpace was the inability to order proofs and author copies.

CreateSpace marked its proofs with a large “PROOF” across the last page. KDP Print will take this one step further and “have a ‘Not for Resale’ watermark on the cover and a unique barcode but no ISBN”.

I’m not sure why the extra security is needed since proof copies were the same price as author copies and if a proof was good enough, more copies could be…

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Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy, Bailey, and Taxes

This is just too cute!!

Fiction Favorites


“Hey, Boss.”

“Hi, Lucy. What are you up to today?

Bailey and I just want to know what you are doing?”

“I’m working on our taxes.”


“What did you say, Pops?

“Taxes. I’m working on our taxes.”

“Is that why we’ve heard sounds like a wounded wildebeest?”

Lucy and Bailey

“Ha ha ha. You two slay me. I just am trying to figure out where to put things is all. ”

“Things. What kinds of things?”

“Oh, expenses for publishing for one?”

“Hear that Bailey? Publishing. So that is what he does up here all day.”

“Very funny you two. I’ll have you know I take this stuff seriously.”

“We know you do, Boss. Hey, where you going?”

“I’ll be right back. I have this receipt for supplies, and I left it downstairs.”

“Supplies, huh. How about our dog food. Do you have to count that?

“No. The government does not consider your…

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