Short Fiction Post: For No Reason – Part 1

Archer's Aim

The following is the opening section of a short story entitled, For No Reason. I hope to include this story in an anthology in several months. The main character, Dax, is stuck in a magical rut that’s not headed toward a good ending…

Photo courtesy free photo section of by blondieb38 Photo courtesy free photo section of by blondieb38

Constant shade draped the cabin built into the narrow hollow, even under the morning sun and clear skies. Birds never sang near his home but his mule cropped weeds along the shadow’s edge. The bearded resident hobbled from the porch into the dim recesses.

“Accursed sickness. Why’s it always dark in here?” His foot caught a stack of broken mirrors. They tipped onto the floor and jangled loose glass. “Blasted useless things.”

Dax brought his lamp to his rough-hewn dresser and twisted the flame higher. The gloom receded as he stood with fists clenched before his mirror…

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