A City Wounded Rises Stronger



                              A CITY WOUNDED RISES STRONGER                                             


On this third anniversary of 911, our nation is not nearly recovered. That horror is forever etched deep into the soul of America. New York City, home of The World Trade Center, bares a gaping hole in its spectacular skyline, as if its two front teeth were knocked out. Buildings can be replaced. Innocents incinerated in an instant leaving no trace of their humanity to be buried, cannot.

We are angry.

New Yorkers mourn, observing that famous panoramic view, remembering the loss of loved ones who perished. Our pain does not subside, scars do not heal.   Our sorrow knows no comfort, nor ever will.

One must endure the unthinkable to fully comprehend. In a city of millions, all have either lost loved ones or know someone who has. Our pain is ever present. Our rage knows no rest.

New Yorkers are unique, in that we face crime and threats to our safety on a daily basis. Yet, 9/11 stunned us.  

How dare terrorists use our own planes to attack us on our own territory? It makes us vulnerable. It also makes us irate, jolting us to a new awareness, shaking our complacency and replacing it with resolve. Never again will we be caught unawares.

Tales of honor are printed, televised and recited, feats of untold bravery . . . to what avail? Terrorism faces us daily, hovering like a dark evil disrupting our lives. We will never again feel truly safe.

A recent article in a New York newspaper has exposed the truth of the toxins spread over the city. According to an EPA worker, we were lied to concerning the true dangers. Our losses on that infamous day could have reached 50,000 casualties. In truth, the loss of life was approximately 3000. Yet, in years to come, the toxic debris of mercury, asbestos and other carcinogens may well reach, or surpass that 50,000 number.  

Already, many citizens including FDNY, NYPD and all those initially exposed are being diagnosed with asbestos and toxin related cancers. Many more New Yorkers may be infected. For, as crow flies, the toxins from Ground Zero blew across all five boroughs of New York and parts of New Jersey.

May God grant us the fortitude to vanquish the hatred feeding the bloodlust of the terrorists and the grace to forgive these hellish creatures bent on fanatical hatred and destruction.  

We are New Yorkers. Our city has been assaulted and our loved ones’ ashes mingle with the twin towers imploded into nothingness. We mourn, but we will not be taken unaware ever again.

We are a city wounded, but these wounds have only made us stronger. Terrorists must face the repercussions of their diabolical acts. Vengeance, while not sweet, must be swift and terrible, so that our people will not have died in vain.

Like the legendary Phoenix, the ashes of The World Trade Center will rise to forever destroy its adversaries.

     It is now 9/11/2016. We honor the memory of the ones lost so many years ago. The 9/11 Memorial stands tall displaying respect for those we loved and lost. Surely now we are safe. In the years following the horrendous massacre, we have half-heartedly chased down Osama Bin Laden, eventually killing him. We have lost thousands of service people fighting terrorism in Irag, Afghanistan, Syria and other trouble spots where Islamic terrorists continue their slaughter in the name of Allah.

     While not all Muslims are terrorists the majority of terrorists are followers Islam, exacerbated by the radicalized citizens of other countries twisted by the lust of slaughter for various reasons, religion being primary. Each time we have a chance to stamp out terrorism for good, the government pulls back before the job is complete.

     On this day of sadness and memorials, we exist in a state of worldwide terrorism, led by Isis and other radical terrorist groups as they march steadily across Europe, Africa, Australia, the United States by infiltrating their populations in numbers that when called to worldwide Jihad have the capacity to inflict murderous dominance. Just like France, Belgium, the UK and other places around the world, the horror continues. Hundreds continue to be brutally murdered, gunned down, mowed down by trucks, and blown to nothingness by explosives. What happened to our sworn slogan—Never Forget?

     We watch with shameful complacency as children around the world are beheaded in front of their parents, women are victimized by hideous assaults to their bodies under Sharia law, even while living in our free country. Outbreaks of terrorist attacks occur worldwide on a daily basis. And what do we do? Nothing…a pitiful broken promise to the almost 3000 innocent men, women and children who were slaughtered through no fault of their own. People we promised not to let die in vain. Shame upon us all.

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